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Kim Depole

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222 Bowery is a building that I simply love.

A touchstone of old New York and all the incarnations that followed during the vibrant decades of its life. Architecture is a living organism. A gem in the middle of literally the oldest street of New York City. The turn of the century in the Gilded Age created the first NY Branch of the YMCA here. The purpose was to promote the “physical, intellectual, and spiritual health of young working men in the densely crowded Bowery.”

It has been my mission to curate and organize art exhibitions and open this space to the art community .The openings have a distinctive retro aesthetic with the original YMCA pool tiles surrounding the art and markings from the former tenant , Green Depot. We invited Anita Durst of the art non profit Cha Sha Ma to extend their programing in the north and center galleries from February thru April 2019.

The New Museum has paid homage to all of the artists that claimed the large scale lofts as studios from the 50's to the present with the BOWERY ARTIST TRIBUTE . We celebrate the vision of David and Hermine Heller for endowing this noble cause.

The building personally inspired me to create THE PALETTE PROJECT, a vehicle for artistic expression. Utilizing 200 wooden palettes for artists, children and teens in underserved communities , to paint Rothko inspired works to be exhibited in this historic space.

The purpose of 222 Bowery in our era is to serve as a time capsule of artistic revelations and a touchstone of what is to come.

Please join me.

Kim Depole is an art disruptor, interior designer, entrepreneur and visionary of art and all the experiences it inspires.