222 is an iconic piece of Art history on the Bowery. The original home of the Young Men’s Institute, a branch of the YMCA opened its doors in 1885. It achieved landmark status in the 1998, it later transformed into an art mecca for artists seeking large scale inexpensive work space. Leger, Warhol, John Giorno, Michael Goldberg, Lynn Umlauf, Lynda Benglis, William Burroughs and Mark Rothko, are just a few of the famous artists and writers of this historic building.

Rothko’s painting studio on the second floor is marked with his paint. The late artist, Michael Goldberg utilized the space for over 50 years. Rothko’s paint drips are still intact for the next generation of artists. It is truly a gem. Standing in the space one can feel the very presence of the Seagram’s paintings suspended from the 25 ft former gymnasium ceilings.

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