Afterparty : The Rothko Studio


Thursday - Sunday, June 27-30, Performances on Thursday – Saturday 7:00 pm & 8:30 pm, and Sunday at 5:00 pm & 6:30 pm. (running time: 75 minutes)


Afterparty will explore this pivotal moment for downtown artists, peeling back their stories to reveal multiple layers of NYC history before the former studio is converted into commercial space later this summer.

Peculiar Works Project’s creative team is designing an intimate, promenade journey through the historic architecture and artistic legacy of the building. Along the way, multi-disciplinary performances will reinterpret the legendary art parties attended by artworld luminaries—Jasper Johns, John Giorno, William S. Burroughs, Eve Hesse, Jonas Mekas, Roy Lichtenstein, LeRoi Jones, Diane DiPrima, Sol LeWitt, Andy Warhol, and more—against the backdrop of Rothko’s struggle between achieving success and selling out. Audiences and performers will sit around a table together in the paint-splattered space and experience a theatrical conjuring of artistic ghosts whose impact echoes till this day.

Angel Favorite - Meditation Room


On view until July 14 th by appointment only

Altars for the body, mind and spirit: accessing the divine from within. 

Sacred tools, processes of spiritualization, and artifacts of shedding and rebirthing.

Featuring an interactive installation:  “Biocircuit Pyramid Water Prayer” also known as “The Ambassador of Light”, an energy tool, a channel, a portal, a meditation.

To Take Flight (Group Exhibition)


June 23 - July 7th

Opening (South Gallery) June 23rd Sunday 4pm - 7pm

Gallery hours Thursday - Sunday 4pm- 7pm (closed July 4th)

BY APPOINTMENT ( 917) 373 -8466

The process of transcendence in art inspired by the work of Rothko


Ashok Sinha , Photographer , Film maker

"Rubin" Tony Sjoman, Painter

Justin Nissley, Painter

Rebecca Zagoory , Photographer


Screen Shot 2019-06-21 at 11.40.13 AM.png

June 23 - July 7th

Gallery hours Thursday thru Sunday 4pm- 7pm (closed July 4th )

BY APPOINTMENT ( 917) 373 -8466

Photographic process articulates the language of capturing light. Photo chemicals replace paint completely with refracted laser beams . These beams record the very essence of movement in space.

Every Woman Biennial 2019


Sunday, May 19 - 29

The Every Woman Biennial (the 3rd edition of the formerly Whitney Houston Biennial), the all women and women-identified biennial, will open at two locations in NY, La Mama and 222 Bowery.Timing with the Whitney Biennial, it’s created to give even more opportunities and support to emerging women artists invited  through an open call, as well as some of the major female artists supporting women - Mickalene Thomas, Deborah Kass, Patricia Cronin, Betty Tompkins, Swoon and more. It’s a wild salon-style exhibition. 

In addition to the art exhibitions, there will be a film festival featuring 100 films in a theater created at 222 Bowery, nightly performances and events, and for the first time it’s going bi-coastal with a sister presentation in LA, June 2-12.

One of the fantastic events on opening night will be a FLASH MOB of hundreds of people taking to the street to Whitney Houston’s I WANNA DANCE WITH SOMEBODY (May 19, 4pm sharp) website:

All Boro Promotions


One day Pop Up event May 4th 

Louis Moreschi 


install shot.jpg

April 24th - May 1st (4-7pm)

Opening: April 24th

We purchased 200 wooden artists palettes and invited children to paint. They are inspired by the legendary artists Rothko and Leger, both had studios in this landmark building. Established artists are included as well to create a diversity of perspectives in the form of paint on a palette.

British artist Adrian Wilson was kind enough to loan his work ”Supreme Mundi” to our upcoming exhibition for a limited time

“We are on an art mission to inspire. “ 

Curated: Sally Young / Sheena Vaughn / Kim Depole 



April 6th - April 21st 2019 



moments in time art vacancy.jpg

Jordan Williams / The Art Vacancy 

Curated: Sang Huynh

April 6 - April 14  2019

Sally Young - SOLO SHOW 

sally artwork.jpg

Curated: Kim Depole 

March  20- March 31st 2019

ORIGINS - The Art Vacancy


Curated : Sang Huynh

March 16 - March 31st 2019

T.A.G. :Gen Z - Teen Art Gallery 


March 2- March 9 2019 


Sir Shadow - One Line One Man


Curated:  Kim Depole 

March 20 - March 27



Group Show 

Feb 25- March 15th

BOWERY DAYS - Justin Wood


Justin Wood, Artist 

Feb 12- Feb 23 2019

AHA Pop Up Art Exhibition 


Curated: Carcilesi Homberg Fine Art 

Feb 12 - Feb 20th 2019 &